Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Paris Hilton convert to Islam??

Alhamdulilah, sorang lagik artis hollywood da masuk Islam,
moga-moga citer yg kita dapat nie betul..... tp aku dapat dr sini

JEDDAH - Saudi Arabia - Former American socialite, Paris Hilton has converted to Islam, her spokesman, Ian Brinkham, has revealed to CBS news.
"She has been toying with the idea for quite a while now and when she was imprisoned at Century Regional Detention Facility in 2007, she encountered a few people who had already converted," Mr Brinkham said.
By converting to the Muslim faith, Paris Hilton has decided to shun her old life as a celebrity skank.Speaking from an Islamic study retreat in Jeddah, she said: "I have now found total peace in my life. Before, I used to be known as an STD-ridden streetwalker , a 'hoe' and a person of loose morals, but now, things have changed. Allah be praised."
Hollywood Jihad
Ms Hilton plans to return to Los Angeles next week to start her own Islamic school in the middle of Beverly Hills.
"Forget Scientology or Kaballah. This is the religion to be in now. I'm not going to be wearing a piece of red string on my wrist or walk around like a robot talking to Xenu. Islam is the new must-have religion. and I'm going to spread the word of the Koran to everyone," an excited Paris Hilton said.
Paris Hilton also plans to change her name to 'Tahirah' which means 'Pure, chaste' in Arabic. Her Islamic school will open in July and is set to become a popular Hollywood spiritual haunt for many celebrities.


afraliza said...

biaq betui!!! Alhamdulillah kalau betul..

Secret Drifter said...

sorry to break the news.. tapi it is FAKE !!!

1st bila i nampak perkataan Squib dah tau dah.. it is a HOAX !!!

sama mcm case org percaya facebook akan ditutup !!!

Squib bermaksud lawak atau tulisan spontan mcm komik !!!

maaf ye sbb terpaksa bagi tau cite sedih ni...


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